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Butternut Squash Bisque

It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the end of the season.  The market, the hay maze, the pumpkin patch, full of people, will be empty in a couple of weeks.  The straw jump will seem lonely without … Continue reading

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Oven Roasted Cabbage

I am literally “Falling” through this season, going from wake-up to work to dinner to activity to bed.  My children are busy too, and I am proud of them, watching as they handle themselves , their school work, their music … Continue reading

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Apple Pie

I told my kids I was going to make you something with apples to celebrate this Pumpkin Festival week, because pumpkins are for carving and apples are for eating, at least among the younger set here.  I was thinking maybe a … Continue reading

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Cheddar Corn Chowder

I love good metaphors.  They don’t always have to be profound; they just have to be true. I particularly liked what Kristin Armstrong, blogger of Mile Markers fame, recently wrote: that “time spent with good girlfriends is basic, organic nutrition, … Continue reading

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Mexican Cheese Dip

We interrupt this regularly scheduled healthy eating blog with a message from the processed cheese food lady… You know, the one in charge of selling the deliciousness–in particular, the yellow colored, foil wrapped, no-refrigeration-needed deliciousness—otherwise known as Velveeta.  Why?  Because … Continue reading

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Vegetable Soup Recipe

When I make Vegetable Soup, I feel a little bit like Strega Nona. Do you remember her, from the dePaola book, the round Italian grandmother with the magic pasta-producing pot?  My pot makes soup instead of pasta.  It fills itself … Continue reading

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Roasted Garlic

The kids got off the bus today right in the middle of a rainstorm and I was late getting home from work.  They had to trudge up the driveway all by themselves. (Guilt makes me say trudge, but I’m sure … Continue reading

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Panzanella Recipe

In this house with small-to-medium sized children, the first week back to school marks the passage of time more profoundly than birthdays or New Year’s.   Everyone is a year older at the end of August, walking down the driveway pressed … Continue reading

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Jalapeño Popper Recipe

My friend Jen is hilarious, an amazing mom, and just about the best cook I know.  She’s not intimidated by anything (Sit-down anniversary dinner for 50?  No problem!)  She cans, freezes, and bakes.  She’s healthy and fit and feeds her … Continue reading

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Sautéed Cherry Tomato Recipe

The thing about cooking (and I guess about almost everything) is that we can really mess it up by making it too complicated.  It’s easy to end up trying to do too much and it’s also easy to be overwhelmed.  … Continue reading

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