Mexican Cheese Dip

We interrupt this regularly scheduled healthy eating blog with a message from the processed cheese food lady… You know, the one in charge of selling the deliciousness–in particular, the yellow colored, foil wrapped, no-refrigeration-needed deliciousness—otherwise known as Velveeta.  Why?  Because this processed cheese food is the main ingredient in our football season favorite: Mexican Cheese Dip.

I will tell you this: Whenever my friend Karen asks us over for dinner, I BEG her to make her Mexican Cheese Dip (and also her margaritas, but that’s a different post).  It is amazing—cheesy, creamy (dare I say “velvety”?) and so so addictingly spicy.

And since the market is full of peppers, at least half of this recipe is completely farm–to-table.  We have jalapeños, green and red bells, Hungarian hot wax, semi hots, and sweet bananas.  All of these, in addition to our own red onions, can be a part of the party.

Here’s what you do to make a MASSIVE vat of Mexican Cheese Dip.  Should you want less, just decrease the amounts of ingredients so that it makes sense:

Come to the market and grab some peppers and a red onion.  We used:

1 Red Bell
1 Green Bell
1 Sweet Banana
1 Hot
1 Semi-Hot
3 Jalapeños
1 Red Onion

You will also need big package of Velveeta (or a smaller one if you’re not feeding an army.)  Again, this is not necessarily in the refrigerated section.  Some stores put it in a cooler, but others toss it on a shelf somewhere.

Once you are ready to put everything together, consider how hot you want your dip.  Remember, seeds and ribs bring HEAT.  If you are sharing this dip with kids, definitely remove the seeds and ribs.  Also, consider wearing gloves.  I think I’ve said this before, but there is nothing worse that chopping peppers and then having to take out your contacts.

Chop your peppers and onions roughly and put them in a big glass microwavable bowl.  Chunk the cheese and microwave everything for maybe two minutes.  Take it out, stir it, and microwave it a minute more.  Continue until the cheese is totally melted, and roll out the tortilla chips!  This Mexican Cheese Dip will stay creamy all night (there is a scientific explanation for why) and is just as delicious reheated the next day.

See You at the Market!