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We opened our UPICK fields on Thursday, May 31 and we closed our fields on Monday, June 18.  A short early season.  

The U-PICK berries have been excellent.  The flavor was outstanding.  The size of the BERRY, not so big.  All of this due to the weather.  

If you are wondering why the season is over and you always pick until the end of June, it is because the March weather was so nice.  The berries woke up about 2 weeks early when the temperatures in March were above 80 degrees for almost a week.  So...........the berry pickin season is 10 days early!!  When we think of summer we think of the kids wrapping up the school year and then going strawberry picking.  This year, we just aren't able to do that. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer.

See you in June 2013.

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Kind regards,

Rita Ross



updated 6/18/2012