Strawberry Freezer Jelly

Strawberry Freezer Jelly
Reprinted from THE STRAWBERRY CONNECTION: STRAWBERRY COOKERY WITH FLAVOR, FACT AND FOLKLORE by Beatrice Ross Buszek, Nimbus Publishing Limited, Halifax, NS, B3K 5N5.

3 cups (750 ml) Strawberry juice (about 2-1/2 quarts/2.5 liters berries)
6 cups sugar (1.5 liters)
3/4 cup water (200 ml)
1 package powdered fruit pectin
Crush berries. Drip through damp jelly bag. Add sugar, stir and let it stand for 10 minutes.

Dissolve pectin in the water; stir and boil 1 minute. Remove from heat and mix with juice. Pour into washed and sterilized jars leaving 1/2 inch at the top. Stand about 24 hours, then freeze.