Pictured, from left to right:  Head Baker, Rita Ross ~ Baking Assistants, Lori Hopkins, Kathie Pawuk & Denise Wauschek

My name is Rita Ross, Head Baker of the Red Wagon Farm Bakery.  I want you, our customer to meet your Red Wagon baking team.  You may never see us, but we will be there each day baking you fresh treats to enjoy!

With the last name of Ross, my connection to the Red Wagon Farm may be a little obvious.  I have been a Ross since July,1988 (almost 35 years) and I couldn’t be happier or more proud of being part of the Red Wagon Farm.  The Red Wagon was established in 1965 by Richard and Bess Ross (sadly no longer with us but they will live forever in our hearts).  Craig, the eldest son, is my husband.  We have one son, Shane, married to Brittany with no children yet, and they live in Chicago.  Craig and I ran the strawberry fields of the Red Wagon for 25+ years and have retired from that.  Realistically, though, family members never retire 100% from a family business.  I try to help when needed and seem to be always around the farm with no regrets!!  I am also a retired CPA and someone who struggles to sit still.

Bottom line is I LOVE TO BAKE!!!   We have been talking about a bakery for years and with the Red Wagon expansion of the new kitchen facility we will be able to provide our Red Wagon customer delicious baked goods daily.  Over the past 2 years, I have been able to bake offsite and provide a sprinkle of fresh baked goods throughout the season.  I am beyond excited for this new chapter in my life and am looking forward to this season and all the seasons to come.  We plan to introduce new items and cannot wait to share everything with you, our customers!!

Hope to see you at the farm soon!!

NEXT……….your Red Wagon Farm Baking Team

Lori Hopkins.  Lori lives in Strongsville with her husband Mark and their 3 dogs.  Lori and Mark have raised 5 beautiful children who are all now married and have blessed them with 10 grandkids.  Lori and Mark’s hobbies include spending time with their growing family, boating on Lake Erie and getting involved in the community.

Lori and I met 20+ years ago when Lori brought her family to the Red Wagon Farm to pick strawberries.  We instantly hit it off and our families have been close ever since.  Three out of Lori’s 5 children, her oldest grandson and Lori have all spent summers working on the farm.  Lori is looking forward to this new chapter of working at Red Wagon Bakery and crafting tasty treats for you and your families to enjoy!

Kathie Pawuk.  Kathie has been a resident of Columbia Station for 37 years, with her husband Terry . They have two sons Mick & Drew. Both are married and each have given them precious grandsons, Ollie and Finn. Kathie has been a hair stylist for 49 years. Just recently she has decided to slow down and enjoy her new grandchildren, crafting & baking! Kathie has always enjoyed baking! There are always  goodies to be had in her home. And, Kathie is always trying new recipes and loves sharing with family and friends.

Kathie and I have known each other for over 25 years.  We met jazzercising and our kids played together in the babysitting room.  Kathie has worked at the “U-pick“ strawberry farm and the Pumpkin Festival as did her sons.  Kathie tells everyone that The Ross family & Red Wagon Farm has been a constant in Columbia.  She loves stopping in at our local family owed Farm Market, for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Kathie states, “What a great addition the Red Wagon Bakery, Red Wagon Scoops and the Red Wagon Brewery will be. So when Rita contacted me to join her baking team, I was thrilled! Rita has shared some wonderful recipes with me over the years, that I still enjoy! Looking forward to baking delicious “FreshBaked Goods”, with Head Baker Rita and the team, for Red Wagon Farm customers to enjoy!”

Denise Wauschek.   Denise grew up in Youngstown, OH and moved to the Cleveland area after marrying her husband, Scott, in 1983.  Denise and Scott have 3 children, Michael, Megan and Robbie.  Denise has spent most of her time over these past years being a stay at home mom and volunteering with the schools, her church and the community.  Their children are all grown now and 2 out of our 3 children have children of their own, making Denise and Scott lucky grandparents of five:  Lilly, Bentley, Carter, Lola and Avett!

After a lifetime of loving to bake, Denise is excited to add the title “Baker” to her life resume.  She is looking forward to baking in the new Red Wagon kitchen this 2023 farm season and also creating the delicious goodies that we display at the farm, along with some new yummy surprises!

Denise states, “I feel very blessed to be so welcomed by Rita Ross and all of the employees at Red Wagon Farm and look forward to working with them and making our customers happy with all of our baked treats.”

Thank you for reading a little bit about all of us……………..we cannot wait to bake daily for each and every one of you!!  

Kindest regards,

Rita, Lori, Kathie, Denise