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July Live Music

Our July LIVE music is once again filled with so many fun, talented, LOCAL musicians.

Brewery NOW OPEN Wed-Sun




at Red Wagon Farm

1 Brewer, 2 Brands, 1 FABULOUS Taproom @ 1 GREAT destination

The farm is our life.  Its seasons, the planting, the growing, the harvest; all a gift of Mother Nature.  Red Wagon Brewing is an extension of the farm and our life.  It is grounded in tradition, based on the seasons, and reflective of the first beers that were created as refreshment for those who are laboring in the field.  We welcome you to the farm, and invite you to enjoy the fruits – and beverages – of our labor!

Our expansion…a brewery?? 

The expansion of Red Wagon Farm to include Red Wagon Baked Goods, Red Wagon Scoops has been a glimmer in Eric’s eye for years.  The craziness that came about in 2020 with the pandemic showed us that our customers are interested in seeing more and doing more on the farm, and the pieces somehow fell into place to make these expansion elements a possibility.  It seemed like destiny calling, so we answered.  

A childhood friend of Eric’s connected our interest in opening a brewery to friends who have been dreaming of opening their own brewery, one of which grew up in Columbia Station and was Eric’s chemistry class lab partner. After meeting/reconnecting with these ladies, a partnership of complementing skills, abilities, and backgrounds was formed. Kellie Rubesne and Ann Zofchak bring a wealth of brewing knowledge and passion for craft beer with them, and the opportunity to create their Four Paws Brewing dream alongside the Red Wagon Brewing turned out to be a perfect fit. The Four Paws brand brings a passion for creating unusual styles with unexpected ingredients, both a beautiful compliment to our tradition and full spectrum of brewing for Ann, our Head Brewer.

 Making beer on the farm

The future of the farm is going to be really exciting, with the Red Wagon bakery expansionRed Wagon Scoops being introduced to our market customers earlier in the season and the brewery coming as soon as equipment and licenses are in place.  We are so excited to usher Red Wagon Brewing into the world, and invite you to taste the deliciousness of farm-brewed beverages.  It’s a new chapter for Red Wagon, expanding our horizons while staying true to our roots.  We always want to bring homegrown, fresh, traditional, delicious products…on the farm.

To learn more about our Head Brewer and brewing partners, visit their website at

JULY 19th EVENT !!!


An A-maze-ing Breweries event series at Red Wagon Farm, our July Brewers of the Corn event features 10 Lorain County breweries “hidden” amongst the 5 acres of corn maze. As the first of three, this will be the earliest event in the growing season – and, therefore, the shortest of the corn maze so *possibly* the easiest to solve to find the breweries!
Your ticket includes 10 drink coupons to redeem in the maze, a commemorative glass, snacks and water throughout the maze, a voucher for the Red Wagon or Four Paws pint of your choice at the tap room to celebrate the conclusion of your adventure, and a delicious roasted ear of Red Wagon sweet corn to round it out in style.
If you have a Designated Driver with you, their ticket is at a substantially reduced rate and includes the snacks & water throughout the maze as well as a voucher for a delicious roasted ear of Red Wagon sweet corn at the conclusion of the mission. Designated Drivers will receive a distinctive wristband, and are expected to stick to non-alcoholic beverages throughout the evening.
Breweries registered to participate include: Avon Brewing Company, Bascule Brewery & Public House, The Brew Kettle – Amherst, ESP Brewing Company, Franklin Brewing Company, Ghost Tree Brewing Company, Hop Brothers Brewing, Laughing Bomb Brewery, Lorain Brewing Company, and Railroad Brewing Company.
Event is rain OR shine. Tickets transferrable, but NOT refundable.
Note that you must be 21 years old to participate in this event. Adults only please