Pickled and Roasted Beets

Alternate titles for this blog:

If You’re in a PICKLE, This Recipe Can’t Be BEET!
Don’t Let Your Neighbor BEET you to the Farm!
BEET the Heat With This Holiday Recipe
The Local BEET: Red, White, and… Chiogga…

So many to choose from…

But I can’t BEET around the bush any longer. This Pickled Roasted Beet Recipe is something you have to try! It is super easy, if a little time consuming (mostly because of the roasting time) and takes advantage of what is growing in our fields right now: three different varieties of beets–Purple, Chiogga, and White. All are absolutely beautiful and are showcased in this Pickled Roasted Beet Recipe.

Here’s what you do:

To roast your beets:

I used one bunch of each variety. That gave me about ten beets, which was just about perfect. IMG_0016Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees. While it is warming, wash the beets well and remove the tops. Wrap each one in a separate piece of aluminum foil and put them on a cookie sheet. Roast them for about one hour, or until tender when you prick them with a fork. Take them out of the oven, unwrap them, and let them cool slightly.

Once they cool enough to handle, the skins will rub right off. Remove the skins, rinse them under water if you want, and slice or dice them, depending on your preference. I kept them in three separate bowls; I was afraid that the purple beet would sort of take over during the pickling process and wanted to showcase their unique colors. Still, color won’t affect the taste, so the separation step does not really matter.

After they are all sliced, prepare your pickling liquid. Wisk together (or toss in your blender, which is what I did):

¾ C. ReIMG_0017d Wine Vinegar
3 T. Olive Oil
3 T. Sugar
1 ½ t. Ground Mustard
Salt and pepper

Divide the liquid over the beets (or just combine everything if you’re not separating by color). Let them sit for at least ½ an hour in the fridge and then combine to serve. These Roasted and Pickled Beets are delicious by themselves, as part of a cheese tray, on a salad tossed with salty blue or feta cheese, or even on brats. They will look especially patriotic on your table this weekend!

See You at the Market! (And Happy 4th of July!)