Red Wagon Farm

Apple Pie

I told my kids I was going to make you something with apples to celebrate this Pumpkin Festival week, because pumpkins are for carving and apples are for eating, at least among the younger set here.  I was thinking maybe a raw apple lunchbox cake or a sugary upside down apple pancake.  Both are delicious and …

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Mexican Cheese Dip

We interrupt this regularly scheduled healthy eating blog with a message from the processed cheese food lady… You know, the one in charge of selling the deliciousness–in particular, the yellow colored, foil wrapped, no-refrigeration-needed deliciousness—otherwise known as Velveeta.  Why?  Because this processed cheese food is the main ingredient in our football season favorite: Mexican Cheese …

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Panzanella Recipe

In this house with small-to-medium sized children, the first week back to school marks the passage of time more profoundly than birthdays or New Year’s.   Everyone is a year older at the end of August, walking down the driveway pressed and polished, backpacks squarely on their shoulders.  The summer air has made them taller and …

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